Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pizza Delivery Girl's Dream

I could be in pink: Love Blooms
on the van and on my T-shirt
Make clients happy with after
quarrel bouquets, hand over 
pot-plants to old parents
with a hand-written card

Instead this brown car, brown cap
Ringing bells of old bachelors
or dysfunctional families
with Pepperoni &  Mozzarella
plus Giant Diet Coke, watch them
hunger for more 



  1. Aww, poor pizza delivery girl! Nice set of contrasts: the bright colors of the flower van vs. the dull colors of the pizza van; the loving, considerate people she imagines serving vs. the quarrelsome ingrates she actually serves. I hope they at least tip her properly!

  2. Pink vs brown, flower vs pizza, handing pot plants to 'old parents' to ease the pain of 'old,' or just to see them freak out in this delivery girl's dream? The 'old bachelors' seem to creep the girl & reader out. Watching customers 'hunger for more' -- her only thrill?

  3. Sorella,

    Your opening draws me right in. Tell you the truth, I haven't heard anything really pretty about pink in a long time. But there's something about the wording that somehow makes the entire picture very charming.

    And then the dysfunctional families. I agree with Arlene, they creep the girl and the reader out. I can so imagine her staring at them with some kind of horrified fascination.

  4. Love this contrast and the implication that no matter how much pizza and Coke you consume it won't fill you up! You need pink!