Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slight changes to rules

1)  I've made the requests for critique/fluff options into tags, thus saving you all the effort of typing out requests every time.  Just click the "critique" tag or the "fluff" tag, as the spirit moves you.  I have retrofitted old posts with these tags.

2)  I've introduced a "no fluff" option, in case anybody wants it.  (It was an empty corner of logical space just begging to be filled.)  So if you only want hard-hitting critique, use that.

3)  I've changed the "say one positive thing" rule to a slightly vaguer "be helpful" rule, since Bill Moss has demonstrated that it is possible to be helpful by providing a bunch of line edits in a neutral tone.  I will assume that saying one positive thing is sufficient, but not necessary, for maintaining a helpful tone.  I neither want nor expect to micromanage critiques based on tone; just be reasonably courteous to each other, please.

OK, dull housekeeping stuff is over.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled poetry.

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