Sunday, April 15, 2012

10-13. Broken Solo Renga

13. Snow-covered cliff bench
      inscribed with two names and dates –
      their mute white wedding.

      With fleeting need for relief
      the seasons rise, dip, lie, sleep.

12. Polythene bag, leaf –
      first and last of the Summer
      on Fisherman’s Walk.

      Their feet brush the gravel path
      with the moon’s masking fluid.

11. A black-headed gull
      wears a brown balaclava –
      no one’s skin has tanned.

      One reason to mask the face:
      wind’s indiscriminate burn.

10. Spring leaf, Bournemouth bus –
      both wheel high by the playschool
      until their routes end.

      All day long sing the children,
      their schedules growing fuller.

1 comment:

  1. I really like these - esp. the mute white wedding - nice pun. And the moon's masking fluid. That sounds a little, um, dirty. These are all very good shorts - the masked gull, the children singing - the implication that they are carefree even though their days are filled.