Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8 - Making Brownies - Teenage Edition

Making Brownies (Teenage Edition)

Break the first egg.
Admire its snail bright slither
off the counter, down the cabinet.
Keep cracking. Eventually you will have enough
in the bowl. Embrace bowl one armed,
as a dancer holds her lover.
Whisk and twirl.

Add sugar, cocoa, flour, butter.
Ponder the meaning of Medium.
Flip mixer on High. Re-envision
splatter on ceiling as expressionistic art.
Call dogs for Floor Duty. Pour remains
of bowl into…whatever. Bake.

Ponder meaning of “Chill.”
Ask older sister. Ponder
if “give them weed and a movie”
is viable advice.


  1. Massive fun. Egg mishaps, twirling "whatever" and "chill"--you capture the spirit of teenagerdom beautifully.

  2. Fun poem, Laurie. Brought back memories!! Teenaged brownies are just one step up from Toddler, I'm convinced.