Monday, April 16, 2012

15. Zebra - A Halfway Song (after Dunc)

15. Zebra - A Halfway Song
(after Dunc on Zeus)

Zebra as in zed
or zebra as in zee --
it all seems to depend
on tongues across the sea

Zebra as in zee
or zebra as in zed?
Stripey as a bee
from tail to horsey head

or stripey as a bed?
To Bed or not to Bee --
a zebra with a zed
or zebra with a zee?

Stripey it may be
yet nothing's black and white
A zebra zed goes zee
by transatlantic flight

Zebra, what's its name?
Zebra, which is right?
On paper, it's the same:
It's Z in black and white

And thus I think it best
we leave its name unsaid --
let both sides, east and west
read silently instead:


(that didn't hurt, did it?)


We Can Work It Out - Beatles



  1. You're on a zebra kick! This is a very catchy musing on English pronuncation. I like the silent ending, and also that fact that the two kinds of "zebra" have an invisible difference in pronunciation, owing to that first vowel.

    And I'm enjoying the bonus songs.

  2. FB aka Rachael, So nice of you to call here at your very own blog, made for all of the Titanic survivors --
    I am delighted when people like this. Indeed, I am embarrassed at how much I like silly...