Friday, April 20, 2012

20. Shopping Lite Made Hard

20. Shopping Lite Made Hard

I never pick up a basket, thinking I will
only buy a little bit, so between digit
and thumb, I dangle slim corners of food

On my little finger, pierced toilet roll
package, against my body, tins of caribbean
beans and shampoo, a loaf of bread

If I carry half a dozen eggs, kind
people let me pass ahead in the queue
Sometimes I see a comic I get for an ex

abroad, bend down, and everything
crashes to the ground. Love is a pain
even after the fact. Or I remember

confit de canard and double back
to pile the heavy tin on top, stretch
out for cashew nuts and nearly crush a small

toddler in another disaster of item avalanche
I should get a grip, get a trolley, face it: no one
can live on three pieces of groceries a day



Closer - Travis

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