Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15. Deadly Sevenling: Envy

How the hell are you a professor
with your cashmere scarves and your schoolboy French
and your head full of cottage cheese?

I'm an adjunct with a broken space heater
and perfect German, and at least my brainpan
contains a wheel of brie.

Who did you blow, pretty boy?  What's his number?


  1. Biped,

    Oh I know this attitude from my own line of work. (He is a pretty bad interpreter ... used about the top-notch, of course -- poison!) You capture it so well.
    As for being the saviour of NaPo 2012, let me tell you, without envy, you are IT...

    We survived on this very blog, which kindly drifted by with you paddling like crazy in the surge of Titanic sinking..

    I just posted on the PFFA too, BTW, in your thread.


  2. Yep, you got Envy down. To asking for the phone number.