Friday, April 13, 2012

9. I Am Odd Craven

An abnominal for David Cameron

A camcorder? Come on den, Mr,
A dare: video me doon common.

Record me road on CD and DVD.
Deem, and re-deem me (in code):

Vacuous criminal. O mon acrid Con-
Dem cad, midd'man no one needed

Carved in avarice no’ candour. Aidman,
Medic – no one I admire, or ever did;

A dad, canned in a maniac cameo,
Dire comedian, a drier Avid Merrion;

No’ even a canard, cod in a marinade,
Cider, caviar, anodic cadaver on a divan;

A dram, a drone, a doer, a nice idea,
An icon, an income, a divine invader;

I dreamed I danced in an anaemic void,
A revered deacon in a coma, near-dead.

I carried an I.D. card, read: Never come
Near me! Advanced cancer! Reader, no

Economic arena armed me, an avoider.
Receive me, O Can-Do-Man! Amen.

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