Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poem 5 - Divas and Bananas

Divas and Bananas

There could be a moral
to this. Poets lose their home
and go bananas.

Stoics they are not. I heard
an opera manager once
from Copenhagen,
talking on the radio about divas.

Sensitive plants, divas. Like
a banana, the Musa. No upset
allowed, for them to sing their arias
properly. Divas go bananas

at any little upset. The Musa
is no ordinary hardy plant

I am proud to be a real Princess
who feels a Pea under a thousand

The Danes know.


  Okie from Muskogee


  1. Hooray for divas, even if they have to go bananas! (Bananas, I have discovered after moving to Australia, fruit once, then pine away. But if you chop them down, they'll send out suckers to make a new tree come up near where the old one grew, and you'll have more bananas. I'm hoping the moral is that PFFA will come back stronger and better.)

  2. divas rule! even if they are divas! and bananas! your poems usually give me a chuckle, thank yOU!.

    1. I keep forgetting to sign cookala - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. cookie, biped, thank you for making oyur way here :-)

    Sorella NOT Bugs Bunny

  4. Divas and Bananas in the same poem... I love this! And I like the omniscience of that last line.