Sunday, April 15, 2012

14. Party Talk - A Shadeling (after shadygrove)

Trying a form created by shadygrove a few NaPos back, the shadeling.

Shadygrove's instructions:

"What is a shadeling?

A shadeling has a title with multiple (at least three)
distinct meanings, followed by a minimum of three strophes
that each illustrate one aspect of the title.
The poem as a whole should also tell a coherent story, albeit
perhaps from multiple perspectives or facets."

14. Party Talk - A Shadeling

A wise old party, they call me. Oh all right
I am, and I can see he's coming back
again. Used to fuss over me, before she
there opposite, sister of the hostess, got him
interested. No more breakfasts in bed for me
nor roses. Called me spoilt, he did!

It's better I stay with her. Will soon be all over
the papers otherwise, my little bit on the side, and me
Local Party Chairman. Spell the death of us, spoil
our chances in the next elections, and what else
is there? I do love politics.

Why oh why did I invite these people --- all to fix
my sister up with a single man. Obvious she wants
that politician. He looks worried, the wife smug
and Emma puzzled at the lack of attention. I'd tell
young Joe now's his chance, drag Sis aside and scold her
-- only I don't want to spoil the party.



I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - Beatles

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  1. You did a Shadeling! And very well. I remember you did one, two or was it three NaPos ago? I love the gossipy, conversational tone in this. Fits the theme very well.