Saturday, April 28, 2012

28. Ludo & Top Hat

28. Ludo & Top Hat

My Dad loved board games
Ludo, Snakes & Ladders
Monopoly, Top Hat
Even more than that

he adored card games
Twos and Eights, Bondebridge
Spr√łyte, Katt
Even more than that

he liked winning

Gleefully, he'd announce
an assful of trump cards
and take every trick
with four little kids

round-eyed or in tears
What did this teach us?
Oh, nothing of life skills
or gamesmanship

Only that Dad was happy
to play with us, he'd take defeat
quite well, but Lord! he loved a win!


Ace in the Hole - George Strait



  1. This is great Sorella. Plus, I was just
    introduced to Ivor Cutler last month!

    "an assful of trump cards"

    What a great voice in this!


  2. Janelo!
    Two strange coincidences then: NaPo has been crazy-busy, but last nite I thought how I really needed to visit your blog again, and wondered how you are :-)
    And Ivor Cutler and you!!
    Terrific :-)
    Thx for conmenting ... will be over to yours soon,