Friday, April 13, 2012

13. A Poem's Poem

A Poem's Poem

If I wrote myself, instead of waiting
for the poet to tackle me

there would be REAL poetry here
End rhymes, a simile. I would be like

a rose
what's wrong with roses anyway

Some iambs
"Such lines will never be forgot
This poem puts all others out
A sun among much feebler stars"

I would be dedicated to someone


I bet my handwriting is poetic
if she would only let me write myself

instead of clutching her iPad mindlessly
in front of the TV. There is a deadline!

I tell her. But I am only a poem not written
yet. What does she care about my feelings?

Might put a zebra in it. Zebras belong
in poems. They really do.

Let me see, what else:

gin and tonics, major sonics
emerald green, a lottery ticket
no cats --

That should do it. Oh, and the moon.


Nowhere Man

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