Jeanne G's NaPo Challenge:
Spin-Off of Kamala's fantastic NaPo 2011 poem Universal Chaos.


Universal Chaos Part II

With a new mattress the size of half my flat arriving
and the old mattress the size of the other half propped up
against the bookcase awaiting removal by the delivery men

I experienced a modicum of universal chaos today. The Planets
(BBC 1999) DVD was playing while I dusted under the bed
(easy with turnable mattress gone, and not done in light years)

and just as the narrator got to the number of stars being equal to
the grains of sand on Earth (my favourite part, so poetic)
the mobile rang its Star Wars jingle, downloaded by some ex

Quantum Leap Messengers were downstairs. I buzzed them in
hid my drying rack full of underwear, then put the Planets on Pause.
Flattening myself against the hall wall, I waved the muscular duo on

into my kitchen-bedroom-sitting room-office. The narrow passage
remaining between my two book-laden chairs-cum-nightstands
was just sufficient. They spoke outer-space-speak and broken Norwegian

so I quickly signed the receipt for fear of being abducted. The three of us
squeezed in between piles of bed-linen and two lovely paintings
of sandy beaches from under the bed, not seen in said light years

(I nearly asked them if their Leatherman included an electric drill
so I could finally hang the grains of sand on Earth next to the Universe
on a creased and torn poster I kept since college). I have space

here now. They wrapped the old mattress in the polythene
from my new one and took it away for an added fee of four hundred.