Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 - The Journal Entry That Got Away

12 - The Journal Entry That Got Away

Today started slowl ...

Get this poem moving --


from syntax, grammar --

You a slammer?
Went to work. Interpreted
a sad case of...

Who wants to know?
Shut up!
Mash it up, loosen up
make it up!

Then a beer by the harbo...

This poem needs less
beer --
add a cockroach, Bob Marley
Elephants, Lucy
in the Sky

Moon is wani ...

Hold it! You already did
the bloomin' moon!

Dictionary time, check Z, zebra crossing
zebra finches, zebra butterfly
zebra mussels
(if you must stay with the sciences)

Music playing, Beatl ...

Make it a cool Beatles
is all I ask. Not YESTERDAY
all over again...

There's no Beatles record with zebr...

That's what YOU think!

Abbey Road Medley - Paul McCartney

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