Wednesday, April 18, 2012

17. The Zebra in the Room Today

17. The Zebra in the Room Today

For elephant, substitute zebra. And we are good to go.
In the Cozy Coffee, a girl leafs past the front page, quickly.
I turn off my iPad, hide the live news broadcast from Court.

Friends pass by outside, some getting on for drunk:
The drink and dance all night ferry from Denmark's back
with all the local pensioners and cheap bacon, an annual junket.

Downstairs plumber joins me. We both work hard
on our health, a fellowship of CT scans, MRs, surgery.
The UN Peace-Keeper Nurse on leave eats her sandwich.

As we chat, on screens, front pages, the Oslo mass-murderer
trial proceeds. We ignore it. Can't hear you, la-la-la. We wave
at the mall guard buying flowers, at the Iranian kids next door.


The La La Song by Zebra


  1. This is a wonderful sideways trip into deliberate ignorance. And you slid the song reference in beautifully. You go girl. Have I ever told you I LOVE zebras?

  2. Oh me too.
    Zebras are larger than life, somehow.
    I am sooo amazed and grateful for your continued comments here as well as back home on the PFFA. Puttin' me to shame, but hey, thanks!!