Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9. Puzzle

The gate is are guarded by three brothers:
Pierre, who plays to win; Misere, who plays to lose;
and Ivan, who does as he pleases.

The brother who says “da” for yes
or no—you've forgotten—challenges you
to checkers, nim, or a dance competition.

Your move.


  1. gosh, you are so far ahead! I'm still struggling with today's. *sigh* that last line made me chuckle, and nice sounds here. (drawback - you can't edit your comments - grrrr!! had to delete and rewrite, *sigh* I miss PFFA.

  2. Thank you for stopping by to fluff, even though the comment editing is annoying. (Which Bugs Bunny are you, by the way?) Don't worry: I am just laying by for the inevitable moment when I keel over from exhaustion.

  3. I bet that was Cookala, she usually grrrrs here :-)

    Rachael, is that a philosopher's puzzle like the Indians who lie and tell the truth, and did you give up halfway? :-) Wonderfully surreal!

    Welcome back from your hols, or are you posting on the road :-0


    1. It's a parody of those kinds of puzzles. Jee posted a poem about Reversi, and in the process of looking up information about whether Reversi is solved (it is mostly not), I was reminded of my old heroes Martin Gardner and Raymond Smullyan, who are full of these kinds of puzzles and games. See also George Boolos's hardest logic puzzle ever.

  4. oh gosh, you posted 9 way ahead... I see now I need to go to your Deadly Sevenlings, the want hate is indeed a killer! Bravo!