Monday, April 9, 2012

April 10 - Short - Inscrutable Man's Not Last! An Abnominal

An Abnominal (should be abominable)

Short - Inscrutable Man’s Not Last!

(For Robert Stanislaus Schlottmann - otherwise known as Bob or hubbypoo)

Hello, Southern Cro-man, beans-n-rice man.
The marsh calls. Hear the little nite heron.

The last rabbit u shoot, screams. No more.
Trout lines and marsh hens.

Nite transitions - salt to salacious. Burns.
Take me. Scorch me.

Stories - Merrill, u, bees on a limb, a car.
Cousin Al-n-Catahoula hunt Nutria, beer.

Crab boil - mushrooms, corn, aunts, uncles, crabs (natch),
cousins, little ones. Beer. Beer. Beer.

Moon-scent roses - Sombreuil, Alchemist, Taboo. U. Me. Ache.
Sun-bitch thorns.

Am I, am I ur Rorschach blot? Untrammel me.
Am I ur neurosis? Let me be a testament.

Cat shrill nites-n-curtain trauma.
Bounce. Hiss. No shut I’ll O.U.

Oh, Saints-n-Shelties! Oh, Cat, oh, Ace, oh, Son!
Oh, bother-n-lather! Oh, mine, ours.

Louisiana man, tie the boat to a tree. Let’s lie here
on the canal. Let’s listen to the little blue heron.


  1. Laurie,
    This is so brilliant words fail me! (As I am sure they must fail any abnominal poet :-0 )
    How did you make this so meaningful, even fit Cousin Al whom we all know into it, a heron, the moon for god's sakes, and a Rohrscach test?
    Warm, interesting love-and-portrait-sense of place poem.

    Bob should be duly gobsmacked, but those letters aren't all in his name :-)


  2. Laurie, I've just found this and I'm glad I did. A great effort! So many surprising twists and turns; funny, tender and serious all in one.

  3. Thank you both. I am to assume, Mark, that yours is the second comment?