Monday, April 30, 2012

30. Top Ten Zebra Finches (Ekphrastic)

Last poem, yay

30. Top Ten Zebra Finches

(A Video-Clip Ekphrastic)

Look at this clip and take
your time. Unenviable task!

We judge too. Dog shows
Grade essays. Make a list

Pick favourites. Compare
apples and pears, a Don Juan

to Barkis Is Willing. We've
adored raspberry jam. Tired

of raspberry jam. Craved
Peach Bellini. Got tired of

Peach Bellini. Fallen for
the coast. Got fed up with

the coast. Dressed up all in
black&black. Got tired of

black&black. Dressed up in
lime-green. Got tired of

lime-green. This comparison!
Of zebra finch to zebra finch

Who wants the job? Anybody
here NOT tired of comparing

Jee with Jee? Or Dunc's 13
with Dunc's 11, or cookie's

luscious fruit poems with
cookie's baby poems? Who

wants a Top Thirty Countdown
of Howard's Small Songs? Why

compare Hare's Cupid poem
with her Dog? Our zebra finch

judge does not speak, yet speaks
for all of us: O Happy End to NaPo!


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