Friday, April 27, 2012

32. Google search poem

Your title is a phrase or quote you put into Google with inverted commas around it. The poem should be made of whatever comes after the title in the results. You don’t have to use every result or use a particular order; you can be selective! [I have cheated by taking snippets from the results, and doing a bit of mashing up as far as line breaks and punctuation go.]

I'm sick of

I don't “get” the cultural implications of male facial presentation.
Following the rules and doing what I'm “supposed” to do in life,
cultural awareness ringing in my ears,
are troublesome ideas to me.

I'm sick of all the insincere activists who talk like:
Hey Bob, call the whaambulance:
he doesn't feel like he “owns” his mega-hit anymore.

I've spent the last 15 years
skinny and popular like all the other guys.
I hate how you treat your girly friends.
Dressing like women doesn't make you special?
It makes me happy.

You think I'm kidding?
Sexist vermin.
One day, our computers will have their sentient revenge
and cling to your body like a wet cotton dress.

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