Friday, April 6, 2012

Poem 7 - Moonbathing


The oncologist told me to stay
away from the sun. Malignant
melanoma, metastasis too

So here I am at the open window
basking in a chilly full moon moving
in and out of lapis lazuli clouds

Still in a fleece top and tracksuit
bottoms, just in case


When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again


  1. Lovely imagery, Sorella. I especially enjoyed the 'lapis lazuli clouds'.

  2. I thought I had already posted a comment to this. Where did it gooooo? Try, try again. This poem chilled me and not because of the fleece top and tracksuit, nor the moon. You caught my attention from the first and held me to the end, without sentimentality. Well done.

  3. Belated praise for this one: you capture the chilly loneliness of the night, and the narrator's fear. Really like the atmosphere.