Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3. Fish Fingers and Custard

aka Fish Shtick, Take 2

Fish fingers and custard--

a delicacy out of Dr. Who.
Maybe fish have fingers on Gallifrey
or some such world, but not on good old Earth
(barring Dr. Suess)—but why not?

If sharks had fingers, they’d reach
their knobby hands over gunwales
to snatch snoozing sailors,
 give the finger to the sharkfin massacrists
and maybe fire a bazooka across their bow.

Eel fingers would be prehensile
akin to tentacles—adhere to rocks
leave mouth to gulping unwary fry
(Liesl sells eels—sessile eels. Elvis levels Seville.)

Think of the boost that salmon fingers
would give to their upstream trek to mate.
clutching at handholds, vaulting up the rapids,
climbing waterfalls, embracing their sweetheart
at journey’s end.

Doc Who goes for fish fingers and custard—Amy Pond, too
but they've given poor fingerless fish amputations to rue.


  1. Poor amputated fish fingers. Those salmon could sure use them. I'd just as soon shark, not. This was a fun one.