Friday, April 6, 2012

11. The Couple Behind Me On the Bus

Pardon me, Ma'am. That book you're reading—
Crystal Healing Vibrations. Here, sit down.
Are you headed to the Homeopathy Festival?
Yes, you too? Oh! What a beautiful pendant.
It's limonite. For strength, virility, and calm.
May I touch it? I feel the energy radiating off it.
It opens the heart chakra.
I feel a balance of masculine and feminine energies.
The masculine energy corresponds to the warrior.
While the feminine energy corresponds to oneness?
Yes. We must embrace each within ourselves.
Wise words. Will you join me at the Reiki tent?
I've always wanted to learn Reiki.
I'll teach you. Ah, here's our stop!


  1. A total chat-up! Eavesdropping (by choice or forcibly) can be rewarding... Very nice ending, with a tent of course :-)


    1. Sorella, thanks so much for the fluff! My Internet access is spotty and my poem-maker has felt torn-up lately, but I think I'm getting a second wind here.