Monday, April 9, 2012

Little-Known Truths About Dragons

A pocketful of dragons comes in handy in a pinch. 

Dragon eggs are scrumptious with parsnips and Worcestershire sauce
            while dragon snout is best when stuffed with trout.

A whiff of vampire breath makes dragons sneeze to death.

Dragons of the outer darkness
            play dodgeball with comets and asteroids. 

The dragons of Atlantis
            live on as flying fish.

 Anyone who barbecues
            needs a mini-drag or two.

 To vanish, a dragon just turns inside-out. 

A flagon of dragon tears
            is nostrum for goosebumps and gout. 

Fearless vintners lure dragons in to stomp their grapes. 

Dragons are deathly afraid of baboons. 

Once shed, a dragon scale can make an awesome sled. 

Young dragons love culverts and cul-de-sacs,
            alleys and stairwells and hot-air balloons.

No dragon can pass up fresh King a la King.


  1. This should be an illustrated book. Lovely & funny.

  2. I tried to fluff this at some point before PFFA ate it. I am really glad to see it again. I particularly like the King a la King, trout snout, barbecue mini-drags, and baboons. Arlene's suggestion makes me want to draw some illustrations. (I'm posting 'em if I do.)

  3. Fanciful and wonderful, I love it. DavidM

  4. Tony,
    The vintners using dragons for grape-stomping got me this time round! Wonderful to see it again here in exile.


  5. Thanks a lot, Arlene, Rachael, David, and Sorella. Your comments and support are much appreciated.