Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poem 5 - April Morn

Not much today, I'm afraid it's slim pickinsville. But at least it's something. .

April 5


A cotton candy sky greets the eye
as I pull back the curtains. Outside
papa sparrow sits atop his house
while mama, inside, broods
on their clutch awaiting the first
tap-tap-tap of beak
against calcium shell.

Squirrels chase each other’s tails
in wild loop-de-loops while a small
group of starlings plays a game
of tug-of-war with a last nights’s bread.
Jays swoop down in fits to forage
in the grass.

At seven thirty am the backyard’s
busier than the five o’clock freeway.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cookala, I really like the cotton candy sky and the tap-tap-tap of beak against calcium shell. The squirrels with their wild loop-de-loops made me smile. ~Scarlett