Tuesday, April 10, 2012

11 - Yesterday


It was Sibling Day on Tuesday. I have two
- used to have three. It chokes me up

when people ask how many siblings
do you have? He was alive, more than the rest

of us -- and now he's dead. Last time we met
he showed me how to get a free lunch

at the Cancer Hospital (Don't spend your money
in the foyer cafeteria! Are you nuts?) So we two

walked the underground corridor. On the way
he showed me where the Radiation Unit was.

(This is where I wait.) I'd come for consultation
about the latest find. (You sad about the new CT?

What, me? I told my role model, I'm not afraid to die!)
Lion King and Queen, we laughed in the face of danger.

Eventually we reached the Friends of the Hospital
Free Sandwich and Coffee Bar. There was ice cream.


Enough with the ten days of Country Music. Let's move to the music of our generation, The Beatles!


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  1. Very moving tribute to N's brother. Tough subject matter, but you address it head on with honesty.