Monday, April 23, 2012

Poem 23: A Stupid Tree Frog Daughter

A Stupid Tree Frog Daughter

You're an unemployable lazy little shit.
Stop wasting time, be grateful
for what you have, don't be so negative.

the refrain batters through my skull
in sharp red sparks of strident sound.

Now I have legs and a voice I'll damn well sing
and leave you to measure my distance from you
by its chirrup, chirrup until it dies away utterly
to silence steelier than any bird's beak or wasp's sting.



  1. The first strophe, especially that lovely last line sets up the second strophe nicely. And, oh, that second strophe is one to die for! Killer ending.

  2. Thanks Laurie :)

    We are nearly done! What a NaPo its been with all the board drama.