Saturday, April 14, 2012

20. Big Freeze

It's so cold I'd wrap you around my chest like
flannelette. I'd swallow you slow like wine. I'd
climb inside you, snug as I climb inside my
cable-knit stockings.

Come upstairs and nestle your head inside my
blanket fort. We'll put on some Bessie Smith. We'll
lean in close to whisper the words. We'll make sweet
cream and hot cocoa.

No? All right, but look at that blizzard. See those
huge, fresh snowflakes, slapping you til you blush. How
can you stand there shivering in your jacket
without a scarf? Please

come upstairs. There's no point in walking home when
it's so cold.

[edited slightly for scansion]


  1. I like this pleading love poem. I'd wrap you around my chest like flannelette. slapping you till you blush. Very good.

    I'm jealous that you are ahead while I am behind. Can I borrow your muse?

  2. Laurie, thanks much! I think I may have squeezed my muse dry, but you're welcome to zir if you can get zir to work.

  3. "Big Freeze" gave me a warm smile. Thanks, DavidM