Thursday, April 12, 2012

8. Whipper in, Lad!

An abnominal for Andrew Philip

When sparred, win;
Reap reward in lead and pen.

When hindered, ill,
Plan and nail a wilder reel.

Delphian piper, shrill siren,
Drain and din nae-endin’,

Wander deadened lane and land,
Render a pariah healed

In laden-heid, dry-heel,
Raw-pain hip, peripheral ail.

Ne’er drain a red drip;
Wear his Laird’s plaid and help.

Repel all pinhead, linear war.
Wield an inward, radial hinner,

Happier allied wi’ a Philippian line.
Heir wi’ his heid laid in hea’en,

Heap, pile, drap a lid on dire peril;
Hae air rap and plane him wi’ hail.

Padre de Aidan, wee pearl: new deer
Leapin’ adder, drywall, rail, alder,

Dine in wi’ a lap dinner,
Dear winner, hill, hairpin, hame.


  1. Wow! This is truly impressive stuff, Mark. I can't believe how you captured the essence of Andrew without breaking the form. A wonderful tribute.

  2. Gotta say, I love this form a lot. You worked it really well here. Strong lines, brilliant sonics.

    Delphian piper, shrill siren
    Padre de Aidan, wee pearl: new deer