Monday, April 9, 2012

Inconstant Sun

In the time of inconstant Sun
(which is anytime, know it or not)
through the safety of a filtered view
I gaze at Active Region 1429
barely an hour after the latest flare blew—
Brightsnake writhing in that roiling orb portends
the geomagnetic storm blowing in
to mess with the airwaves tonight.

I twist the 40-meter dial, cacophonous clashes
an incomprehensible ocean of noise.
T-storms over the Ohio Valley
or perhaps the Amazon.
I key the circuit into the gale:
_._   ..   …   …       _ _   .     _.   _ _ _   ._ _

Kiss me now.


  1. Another I remember from the PFFA before all hell broke loose: Loved it, especially as I could actually read that. Learnt morse code as a child in the Girl Guides.
    Earthly love breaks thru in the midst of solar storms -- aaawww!


  2. Thanks, Sorella--much appreciated. I'm working on another poem now that has a snippet of Morse in it.