Monday, April 2, 2012

# 2 Bangalore Names (for Bela)

Thank you for your comments, everyone!
An occasional poem:

Poem # 2

Bangalore Names

for Bela

The site goes down in Cyber
but where are you? In France
A man of moral fibre
you step into the dance

armed only with an iPhone
to save the NaPo squad
Who do you call? What time zone?
Anoop, Kuldeep, Vinod

and Venki, Bangalore time
where techies never sleep
P F F A is all rhyme
and free verse, ankle-deep

Yet Vinod, Venki and Anoop
and Kuldeep know their cricket
and no one throws them for a loop
or googly: They have licked it

Along with Bela, we applaud
Anoop, Kuldeep, Venki, Vinod!

Sorella and the rest in gratitude

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for giving them the accolades they deserve. Now an incantation, perhaps?