Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Broken Mirror

April 2

Among the smells and yells,
the bang-clang of pots
against cast iron grills,
I wait for my order, eyes focused
on the doe-faced girl
as she twirls a slender tress
and stares at herself
in the mirror, dreaming…

what?  Still innocent and unscathed,
she hasn’t learned yet that dreams
are just that;

In a year or two she’ll take
mother’s place, scrubbing the counter
and cooking over an open flame, sweat
trickling down her back, ankles swollen,
over-taxed knees slowly disintegrating
while Happy Cat sits
dark and sullen on the counter
and no longer waves.


  1. Sneaking in your kitty ditty? Nice portrait of a dead end.

  2. yes! 2 for the price of one! thanks!!