Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sevenling (If I am fearful...)

If I am fearful at all, it is because these days
velociraptors come complete with bazookas,
ride great white sharks bareback like a bau5.

We’re underp @tack. I scrawl rage, comic
across tense shoulders, insanity-wolf howling.
When you see it, you’ll brick shit-hau5ing.

I privatise the memes to reform my fears.


  1. Hydro,

    I am blown away! Topical and in the right typography for now :-0

    Good to see you in NaPo!!


  2. Thanks Sorella, I'm glad to be here.

  3. Your L1-L2 combo does a fantastic job setting me up to expect one thing, and then taking me in a totally different direction. Are the three things in S2 three memes (with underp @ttack counting as one)? Anyway, awesome sauce.