Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3 - The Certified Letter From The Diocese

The Certified Letter From the Diocese

I am charged in the annulment

with Partial Simulation:

Intention Against Children. It sounds obscene.

It is. The past always catches up with you.

My older daughter smirks. This fits in with her theory

that her sister was beamed directly from outer space.

Shall I tell her? How badly I wanted children.

The dumpster diving at night behind the ICMB facility,

the degrees in genetics and molecular biology,

the hours spent locked in the basement...

It was lonely working alone. Lonelier still,

without children, a husband who couldn't provide.

Yes, there were mistakes, spare parts,

things that were difficult to explain, discards.

How can I say I'm sorry or wrong,

how can these men, pizzle sticks dried to a point

a dog wouldn't chew 'em, judge me?

What use have they for children outside their dark

cells? I achieved an outcome no woman could regret.

I understand this is unforgivable.

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