Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4 - Flanneldusk


Flanneldusk. n. 1)The occasional hour formed just before full dark when a warm mist slips over skin like an old shirt rescued from a pile of discards 2) Rummage sale memories, oversized and under stuffed, shrouded and shoved, therefore, better loved, in corners of back brainrooms. 3) An invitation to mourn what you’ve abandoned with maudlin forgetfulness 5) A car coat in wide wale corduroy, burgundy, capacious, large enough for a girl to hide. 6) A blanket, in a pinch, if that girl, say for example, runs away to sleep among cattails under the weeping branches of an old willow when the hour turns to dark and the mist to a cold drip of rain, rain, rain.


  1. You have convinced me: flanneldusk ought to be a word. I like that you leave us in suspense about what happens to the girl. The cattails sound very damp.

  2. Oh oyu had me there! I thought Found Poem by PClem, it IS a word!
    brilliant idea, and very creative. Funny girl!


  3. I love, love, love this!!! Wonderful

  4. Thank you all for the fluff. I feel warm and fuzzy. It IS a wonderful word that was begging to be defined.